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Dec 13th 2010

Rubycon ultra low ESR capacitors are out of production. 

Oct 22nd 2008

We now carry heat sinks for motherboards, memory, mosfets, and inductors Here

May 15th 2008

3 New Universal type DC Jacks added Here

Jan 28th 2008

Sony harness type jacks added Sony Jack #61

Nov 14th 2007

Added Universal AC and Car DC adapters here : AC DC Adapters

Oct 23rd 2007

New caddy carrier connectors for Evo Armada HP Compaq DV9000 DV6000 DV2000 SATA are being added to product list in the Laptop Caddy Connectors section


Sep 8th 2007

Laptop USB, RJ11 ports and Laptop caddy connectors added to our product list.

May 28th 2007

Computek Incorporated has moved to it's new location at 3710 W. Chestnut Expressway.



Oct 12th 2006

Website is being moved to brand new servers. This site will be up and down for the next week or so. If the page does not look right try your browser refresh button.

Sep 14th 2006

All Dell laptop DC jack repairs are now $99.99 + S/H  Repair Service

Aug 10th 2006

OEM Dell jacks are now currently available for these models: Dell Inspiron 500m / 600M / 700M / 1150 / 5150 / 5160 / 6000 / 8500 / 8600 / 9200 / 9300 / 9400  Latitude D400 / D410 / D500 / D505 / D510 / D600 / D610 / D800 / D810 / XPS / XPS / Gen2 / M1710 / M2010
Dell Precision M60

July 20th 2006

2200uf 16v 10x20mm and 1800uf 16v 10x23mm are in stock.  Capacitor Page

June 27th 2006

New polaroid DVD player DC jacks are in stock.

February 20th 2006

New capacitors are in and more coming soon. 4700uf 10v caps in stock, 16v 1500uf caps in stock. 16v 1000uf and 16v 470uf caps will be here 4/20/2006. 

August 14th 2005

"The Dell Project" is finally complete. It includes all the connector parts to convert from the proprietary 7.4mm AC adapter end and motherboard DC jack to the older Dell style 3 pin.

July 17th 2005

We have been in the process of a work around for Dell's proprietary DC jack for models :

Dell Inspiron 300m / 500m / 1150 / 5100 / 5150 / 6000 / 8500 / 8600 / 9200 / 9300
Latitude D400 / D410 / D500 / D505 / D510 / D600 / D610 / D800 / D810 / X300
Dell Precision M60

We should be finished with the project late august and be able to ship.

May 10th 2005

New AC adapter replacement ends with strain relief 2mm and 2.5mm versions available HERE

May 5th 2005

Compaq Presario 900 - 955 Compaq EVO N1005 - N1015 Series jacks added HERE

May 3rd 2005

Dell Inspiron / Latitude / Xpi / Cpi DC power jacks in stock, Limited supply left. Also Toshiba A75 Mini DC Jack Series are in stock.

April 21st 2005

We now have HP Color Laserjet Drum Reset Chips in stock for the following models: Color Laserjet 8500 / 8550 / 4500 / 4550

April 19th 2005

Good news today: Early shipment of Toshiba A series jacks arrived.

March 31st 2005

Gateway 2mm 400 / 450 / 500 VTX / SD4 / M Series jacks are in stock, Also 3mm solder on AC Adapter ends are available.

March 30th 2005

10v 1000uf 8x16mm Capacitors are off backorder and ready to ship.

March 29th 2005

Better stock up on HP ZX / ZD series jacks #8. As they are no longer manufactured and will become extinct after we sell out.

We are now carrying NEW DC Jacks for Toshiba : A / P / M / 3000 / 3005  / 1115 / 2435 series laptops.

Also NEW jacks for IBM : 600 / 600E / A20 / A21 / A22 / A30 / X20 / 1161-92U / 1171-NMU

March 7th 2005

Toshiba A Jacks are on backorder, They should have a batch produced for us by early may

January / 29 / 2005

We finally have OEM Toshiba A and P series jacks in stock. We have been repairing tons of these laptops as they all seem to be breaking the center pin out often.

December / 08 / 2004

Toshiba jacks are in stock early - Compaq OEM reinforced / shielded DC jacks coming Dec 30th.

November / 23 / 2004

We will have Toshiba and OEM Compaq Presario brand DC power jacks mid December.

November / 11 / 2004

We are now stocking Gateway Solo / Compaq 2.0mm laptop repair jacks in stock! We will have Toshiba repair jacks from Japan in about 2-3 weeks. 

October / 5 /2004

We now have 1800uf 10v 10x20mm Capacitors in stock!

September / 2 /2004

The 1000uf 10v 8x16mm capacitor line is off backorder now. We are double and triple ordering so hopefully we won't run short again.

August / 30 / 2004

Our extra order of 1500uf 10v 8mm caps came in 30 days early. This is a very limited supply so order now if you need them.

July / 17 /2004

ETA times

The 1500uf 8mm 10v capacitors should be 30-40 days, The 1000uf  8mm 10v should be 60-70 days.

June / 17 / 2004

New product in stock now, Fonsan 40x40x20mm

Also 1500uf 8mm capacitors are currently out of stock again. We are waiting for the next order from Japan. We are taking pre-orders until they arrive. Could be as long as 60-80 days depending on customs.

We have received our new 8mm capacitors from Japan about a month early. We fixed a ton of boards with these this week and boy do they fit better!


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