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  The Dell Project:             

We have found many Dell Inspiron and Latitude laptops have had DC power jack failure and need replacement parts. The parts to repair these laptops are RESTRICTED and can not be purchased without buying the whole motherboard itself. Here is a list of models that take this specific jack:

Dell Inspiron 300m / 500m / 600M / 700M / 1150 / 5150 / 5160 / 6000 / 8500 / 8600 / 9200 / 9300
Latitude D400 / D410 / D500 / D505 / D510 / D600 / D610 / D800 / D810 / X300
Dell Precision M60

   The Solution:

This is a DC jack and AC adapter end to modify the models listed above.  Some models already have a 10.7mm square cutout (Inspiron 1150 & 5150 Ect.) that works perfect for this modification. If your laptop has the round cutout for the original jack you will have to cut it out to 10.7mm square. As you can see this converts the laptop to the older Dell model plug type, Older style PA-6 and PA-9 adapters can be plugged in and used but will not charge the battery since they have a different AC / ID. Your PA-12 65W, PA-10 90W and  PA-13 130W adapters when converted will run and charge since the AC ID will be recognized.


Warning: If you are not experienced with Electronics / Soldering / Desoldering / Modification or do not have the correct equipment to install these parts then do not attempt to modify or work on your laptop!


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