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Universal Hard Drive Caddy Connector #1

$6.99 Each

$49.99 10 Pack

Compaq Presario 2100 Series
2100AP 2100CA 2100LA 2100US 2100z 2101AP 2101EU 2102AP 2102EA 2102US 2103EA 2103US 2104AP 2104EA 2104EU 2104US 2105AP 2105CA 2105LA 2105US 2106AP 2106EA 2106US 2107AP 2107EA 2107US 2108AP 2109EA 2110AP 2110CA 2110LA 2110US 2114EA 2115AP 2116AP 2116EU 2117EA 2118AD 2118EA 2119AD 2119EA 2120AP 2124AD 2125AD 2125AP 2125EA 2128EA 2128US 2130AD 2130AP 2130LA 2135AC 2135AP 2135EA 2135US 2143AP 2143EA 2144AD 2146EA 2147AD 2147EA 2148AD 2148EA 2149AD 2150AP 2151AD 2153AP 2154AE 2154AP 2154EA 2155AE 2155AP 2155EA 2155US 2156AP 2157AP 2157EA 2158EA 2160AD 2160EA 2160EU 2161 2161EA 2162AF 2162EA 2163AF 2163EA 2164AF 2170CA 2170US 2171US
2176RS 2178AF 2178EA 2180AF 2180CA 2182US 2185AT 2190CA 2190US 2199US
Compaq Presario 2500 Series
2500LA 2504EU 2505AP 2505EA 2509EU 2510AP 2510EA 2510LA 2512EA 2514EU 2515EA 2516EA 2519EU 2520AP
2520EA 2520LA 2521EA 2522EU 2525AP 2525CA 2525EA 2525US 2526EA 2528EA 2529CL 2529EA 2530AP 2533EA
2535AP 2535QV 2537EU 2538AP 2538CL 2539EA 2540AP 2542EA 2545AP 2545US 2549EA 2550AP 2550CA 2550EA
2552EA 2555AP 2555EU 2555US 2558EA 2558EU 2560AP 2561US 2568AP 2570US 2573AP 2575US 2580AI 2581US
2585AG 2593US 2594AG 2594US 2595AG 2596AG 2597US 2598AG 2599US
N1050V NX9000 NX9008 NX9010
Gateway Models:
450SX4 450ROG 8006136
HP Models:
ze4100 ze4101 ze4102 ze4103s ze4110s ze4111s ze4115 ze4120s ze4123 ze4123s ze4125 ze4130 ze4133 ze4140
ze4145 ze4200 ze4210 ze4211 ze4218 ze4220 ze4228 ze4232s ze4236 ze4239 ze4240 ze4261 ze4268 ze4284
ze4288 ze4292 ze4294 ze4300 ze4302AP ze4305EA ze4306WM ze4307LA ze4310EA ze4315CA ze4315US ze4317AP
ze4317EA ze4318AP ze4318EA ze4325CA ze4335EA ze4335US ze4336EA ze4345EA ze4355US ze4365US ze4375EA
ze4400 ze4402US ze4403EA ze4404EA ze4407EA ze4410AK ze4410AP ze4410CA ze4410EA ze4414AP ze4415EA
ze4416AP ze4417EA ze4420CA ze4430US ze4455EA ze4500 ze4501US ze4502US ze4505EA ze4510EA ze4510OM
ze4512EA ze4516EA ze4520AP ze4520EA ze4521AP ze4522AP ze4522EA ze4523AP ze4525EA ze4525US ze4550
ze4560 ze4600 ze4630US ze4631EA ze4700 ze4725EA ze4805WM ze4900 ze5000 ze5100 ze5155 ze5160 ze5165
ze5170 ze5185 ze5200 ze5232 ze5262 ze5279 ze5300 ze5357LA ze5375 ze5375US ze5385US ze5395US ze5400
ze5475CA ze5497LA ze5500 ze5527EA ze5587LA ze5590US ze5600 ze5634US ze5647LA ze5650EA ze5700 ze5749CL
XU155 ZU175 ZU1155 ZU1175 XZ133 XZ148 XZ163 XZ168 XZ275 XZ295 XZ335 XZ355
ZT1155 ZT1172 ZT1175 ZT1182 ZT1185 ZT1192 ZT1195 ZT1233 ZT1243 ZT1260 ZT1270 ZT1290 XT200 XT236 XT412 XT4345
Omnibook 500 series, XE4100, XE4400, XE4500, N3390
IBM Thinkpad Series:
ThinkPad I Series 1300 1171
ThinkPad i Series 1200 1161
ThinkPad I Series 1200 2666
1400 / 1500
Dell Models
Inspiron: 5000 - 5000e
Toshiba Satellite Series:
1000, 1000-S157 1000-S158 1005-S157 1005-S158 1200-S121 1200-S122 3000-S303 3000-S304 
3000-S307 3000-S353 3000-S403 3005-S303 3005-S304 3005-S307 3005-S308 3005-S403

M30X M30X-102 M30X-104 M30X-105 M30X-108 M30X-113 M30X-115 M30X-118 M30X-122 M30X-124 M30X-125
M30X-127 M30X-128 M30X-129 M30X-130 M30X-131 M30X-132 M30X-134 M30X-142 M30X-143 M30X-144 M30X-147 M30X-148 M30X-150 M30X-154 M30X-155 M30X-156 M30X-158 M30X-159 M30X-160 M30X-161 M30X-162 M30X-163 M30X-164 M30X-165 M30X-166 M30X-167 M30X-168 M30X-169 M30X-170 M30X-173 M30X-174 M30X-40 M30X-S114 M30X-S1592 M30X-S1593 M30X-S171 M30X-S181 M30X-S191 M30X-S214 M30X-S221 M30X-S234 M30X-SP111 M30X-SP114 M35X-S109 M35X-S111 M35X-S114 M35X-S1141 M35X-S1142 M35X-S1143 M35X-S149 M35X-S1491 M35X-S1492 M35X-S161 M35X-S1611 M35X-S163 M35X-S1631 M35X-S309 M35X-S3091 M35X-S311 M35X-S3111 M35X-S3112 M35X-S329 M35X-S3291 M35X-S349 M35X-S3491 M35X-SP111 M35X-SP114 M35X-SP161 M35X-SP171 M35X-SP181 M35X-SP311 M35X-SP349


Universal Hard Drive Caddy Connector #2

$6.99 Each

$49.99 10 Pack

Compaq Models:
Compaq Presario X1000 X1097AP X1099AP X1155EA X1200 X1242AP X1300 X1370US X1390US X1460CA X1480
Compaq Presario R3000 R3000T R3000Z R3002US R3003AP R3003US R3004AP R3004US R3005AP R3005US
R3007AP R3009AP R3017AP R3018AP R3019AP R3030EA R3038CL R3050US R3056RS R3060EA R3060US R3070US
R3120US R3137EA R3140US R3150US R3190EA R3190US R3200 R3200CA R3202US R3203US R3210US R3220CA
R3230US R3240US R3247US R3260US R3290US
NX7000 NX9100
Compaq Presario X1000 Series
Compaq Presario X1100 Series
Compaq Presario X1200 Series
Compaq Presario X1300 Series
Compaq Armada E500 E500s M300 V300
Compaq Evo N200 N400 N400c N410 N410c N500c N600 N600C N610 N610C N620 N700
Compaq Prosignia 190
Compaq Presario V1000
HP Models:
HP Pavilion zt3000 zt3068CL zt3170US zt3201AP zt3250 zt3280US zt3380US

HP Pavilion zv5000 zv5000T zv5000z zv5001US zv5002US zv5003AP zv5004AP zv5005AP zv5010AP
zv5012AP zv5015AP zv5021AP zv5029AP zv5030CA zv5030US zv5034US zv5037WM zv5045EA zv5101US
zv5103AP zv5103US zv5105US zv5120CA zv5120US zv5126EA zv5143EA zv5160CA zv5160US zv5161EA
zv5173EA zv5185EA zv5191EA zv5200 zv5200T zv5201US zv5210ca zv5210us zv5220US zv5240us zv5242QV
zv5247LA zv5255US zv5257LA zv5270US zv5277LA zv5290EA zv5300 zv5400
zx5000 zx5040 zx5065US zx5070US zx5078cl zx5200 zx5280US
HP Pavilion ZT3000 Series
HP Pavilion ZT3100 Series
HP Pavilion ZT3200 Series
HP Pavilion ZT3300 Series
HP Pavilion ZT3400 Series
HP Pavilion NX7000 Series
Toshiba Models:
Satellite P25 Series
Satellite 1905 Satellite 1955


Universal Hard Drive Caddy Connector #3

$6.99 Each
$49.99 10 Pack
Dell Inspiron Models:
1100 - 1150 - 2500 - 2600 - 2650 - 4000 - 4100 - 4150 - 500M - 5100 - 5150 - 5160 - 6000 - 600M - 8000
8100 - 8200 - 8500 -  8600 - 9100 - 9200 - 9300 - XPS - XPS2
Dell Latitude Models:
100L -  C400 - C500 - C510 - C540 - C600 - C610 - C640 - C800 - C810 - C840 - D400 - D500 - D505
D600 - D610 - D800 - D810
Dell Precision Models:
M20 - M40 - M50 - M60 -  M70

Universal Hard Drive Caddy Connector #4

$9.99 Ea

$79.99 10 Pack

HP Omnibook Models:
Omnibook XE3 / XE3B / XE3C
HP Pavillion Models:
N5000 / N5100 / N5200 / N5300 / N5400 / N5400B / N5400C
All XHxxx Models

Universal Hard Drive Caddy Connector #5

$5.99 - Each

$49.99 - 10 Pack

HP NC4000 NC4010 NC6000 NC6120 NC8000 NX5000 NX6110 NX6115 NX6120 NX6125
HP Mobile workstation nw8000
HP Omnibook XE2 - 6000

Universal Hard Drive Caddy Connector #6

$5.99 - Each

$49.99 - 10 Pack

Dell : 7000 - 7500

Gateway Solo : 9300 - 9500 - 9550

HP Omnibook : XE2 - 6100 - VT6200

HP Pavilion : N3000 - N3100 - N3110 - N3150 - N3190 - N3200 - N3210 - N3215 - N3250 - N3270 - N3290 - N3295 - N3310 - N3330 - N3350 - N3370 - N3380 - N3390 - N3400 - N3402 - N3410 - N3438 - N3478 - N3490 - F1753-60974

IBM : 390 390E 390X

SATA Hard Drive Caddy Connector #7

$9.99 - Each
$79.99 - 10 Pack
Compaq Presario Series:
V6000 - V6100 - V6200 - V6300 - V6400
HP Pavilion Series:
DV9000 - DV9100 - DV9200 - DV9300 - DV9400 - DV9500 - DV6000 - DV6100 - DV6200 - DV6300 - DV6400 - DV6500
TX1000 - TX1320US


SATA Hard Drive Caddy Connector #8

$8.99 - Each
$79.99 - 10 Pack
Compaq Presario Series:
HP Pavilion Series:
DV2000 - DV2100 - DV2200 - DV2300 - DV2400 - DV2500 - DV2600 - DV2700

Compaq & HP IDE Caddy Connector #9

$5.99 - Each

$49.99 - 10 Pack

Compaq Presario Series:
M2000 / V2000 / V2100 / V2200 / V2300 / V2400 / V2500 / V2600 / V2700
HP Pavilion Series:
DV1000 / DV1100 / DV1200 / DV1300 / DV1400 / DV1500 / DV1600 / DV1700 / ZE2000


Dell SATA Caddy Connector #10

$12.99 - Each

$99.99 - 10 Pack

Dell Inspiron Series:
1720 / 1721 / 1420 (Fits first and second HDD bays)
Dell Vostro Series:
1700 (Fits first and second HDD bays)


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